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Pike Youth Sports
MSD of Pike Township
Indianapolis, Indiana

COVID-19 Guidelines for Sports/Patrons

The Metropolitan School District of Pike Township believes in providing all students with the opportunity for mental, physical and emotional growth through participation in a well-developed Pike Youth Sports program.  The program is based upon active articulation involving the high school, three middle schools and 20 youth sports education programs in Pike Township.  The administration, coaches and staff will work together to ensure that the sports program supports and enhances the educational philosophy of the MSD of Pike Township.
We encourage you to register your child to participate in the various programs offered by members of the Pike Youth Sports family.  

You can see the entire list of Pike Youth Sports programs at http://www.pike.k12.in.us/athletics.     
If you have any questions, contact Derrick Wilkerson Youth League Coordinator for the MSD of Pike Township at 317-387-2624 or DLWilkerson@pike.k12.in.us.